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Dentistry is about precision and patient care and the same should be said when working in your dental practice. We understand how important it is to be precise when dealing with the services your dental surgery offers, and we also care about what we do and how it looks. Horizon Building Contractors can help you make decisions on products, offering you alternatives from our building suppliers. We want to be as proud of the completed dental practice as much as you do.

Horizon Building Contractors have experience in the unusual and complex service demands of working dental practices. For instance, we understand the requirements, size and importance placed on the precise location of suction and air pipes. When it comes to x-ray protection we know the materials that must be used and the important links between equipment and controls, not forgetting the safety of the user.

We can also help with suppliers who can lead-line your chosen door. Data cabling is another area we have experience in and we can suggest how best to future-proof your practice.

Our team of contractors are experienced in dental projects, for both refurbishments and new builds.

If you are moving your dental practice, time will be important, and keeping to schedule is essential. Horizon Building Contractors will work with you during this difficult period, making sure you move in on time and even help you move those items everyone else forgot about! We will put the pictures on the wall and unwrap your new waiting room chairs; it’s part of our service from beginning to end.

Refurbishing a working dental practice is a building challenge. We know how expensive and impractical it is for you to close your practice for a long time, but we have experience in this area and we will work with you to keep time down to a minimum. We will put together a schedule so everyone knows what is going to happen and when. Horizon Building Contractors will make sure you and your patients have the minimum discomfort during the works, working out of hours at agreed times when necessary and communicating with you any significant changes likely to happen.

Budgets are part of all projects so Horizon Building Contractors are transparent about the cost of your undertaking. We produce detailed costs at the beginning of all projects and discuss with you changes that take place. Genuine extras and savings do sometimes happen on projects and we inform you what these will be before commencing, and keep you informed of the total outlay every step of the way.

Whilst we are based in the South West the nature of working for dental practices means we are used to travelling. This does not necessarily make us more expensive than someone local, as we are happy to tender for your project wherever you are.

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